Three tips for enjoying large events with your friends


Large Crowd

In an increasingly connected world, we tend to do more activities with friends who share similar interests. Music and arts festivals, sports, and conferences provide communities these shared experiences. Eventster makes discovering ideal events easier, but the logistics behind attending them with friends can be daunting. For those different social circles, coordinating a group (or multiple groups) can be a tedious and frustrating effort. Here are some strategies to ensure everyone has the best time possible:

1. Tell people where you’re going, not where you’re at.

With so many things going on at large events, time moves too fast to justify waiting for others to catch up. It’s a slim chance that your friends will get your message and can actually find you in time, and you risk missing out the longer you stay. Also, if you leave early, your friends may be stuck there instead. Avoid picking a remote location for a meet up spot–plan to meet where something is happening. If it doesn’t work out, at least you’ll be where you want to be. If everyone still can’t find you, then at least they won’t miss out either.

2. Communicate efficiently.

Large crowds accessing data networks at the same time can overload cell phone towers. Texts may get delayed or might not send at all. With limited to no communication, you have to make each message count. Include, at the very least, your question, current status and location, future plans, and the time the message was sent, all in the same text.

3. Big groups don’t have to do everything together.

Your group is guaranteed to have different preferences for what each individual wants to do. If everyone follows the majority, then everyone will have an average time at best. The few people who make personal sacrifices may live with regret and resentment. Given all the effort and money spent to make this event possible, you want to make sure get the best value for your investment. Big groups are also hard to relocate since they can only move as fast as the slowest person. Plan your ideal itinerary before the event and share it with your friends. Agree on a couple points where everyone can meet, like meals or the grand finale, then partner with those who have overlapping interests. Everyone will have a chance to do more and will have a better time overall.

These events are stressful in nature, but that shouldn’t distract you from the reason why you’re there: to have fun. Understand that you can’t meet everybody, you can’t do everything, and you might not have a perfect experience. The important thing is to make the most of your time and appreciate the people whom you are already with. You’ll learn a lot about your friends, and you might realize something about yourself!

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