Is Getting a Pit Bull For Your Family A Good Choice?

american pitbull dog


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It’s essential for any individual wanting to own a dog as well as current pet owners themselves to understand the nature of the breed they are eyeing out. A lot of getting to know must be done prior to bringing the puppy or dog home and if the pit bull sounds appealing to you, the more you should do your research. It’s something totally serious to get this breed that most insurers would even refuse to provide insurance coverage for this type.

There are a good number of reasons why it’s not advisable to get the pit bull for your family.

This breed has repeatedly made headlines that significantly counts the most compared to other dogs. The Pit Bull is the #1 most aggressive dog breed which is considered the most dangerous, and the mention of the name itself sounds terrifying to many. However, this image is not linked only with controversy and how they are represented by the media, but is evident from statistics of dog attacks including disfiguring injuries and dogs who turned on their owners. Pit bulls reportedly attack children, the elderly, and anyone who crosses their path when provoked, startled, or for some unknown reason.

It may be attributed to the sad truth of these dogs being historically and illegally bred as fighting dogs. They were also used for baiting bulls and bears, basically bred to bite and hold other animals around the face or head. These factors may have formed their rather fierce genes, and many dogs of this breed still exhibit the said traits with their aggressive temperament matched with their brute strength. Pit bulls are slow to mature and it’s best not to let them mingle alone with kids who are likewise far from maturity, or even with other playful pets around the house.

It is also true that pit bulls who have been showered with affection and made to socialize from puppy days ended up just fine, and are revered as sweet and loyal family dogs. There are actually many pit bull owners who swear that their beloved dog would never attack them. Many also attest that they are loving dogs, eager to please people, and are great with kids, with the note that children should be taught the right way to interact and must never be left unsupervised.

Regardless, a family with children should not consider owning a pit bull as the risk continues to present itself. The fact remains that the pit bull is held responsible for the highest human fatalities than any other breed. The price a poor kid has to pay is not worth putting up a fight as to whether owning a pit bull is a good idea or not.

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