Q: What is Eventster?

A:  Eventster is an app to help you discover events happening near you. Find concerts, festivals, sports and so much more. See what events are the most popular, and browse through categories to find the right event for you. A fun and easy way to find, review and talk about what’s great in your area!


Q: Who uses Eventster?

A: A wide range of people use Eventster. From locals looking to discover current events in their area, to visitors trying to find what each new city has to offer. There are so many events to satisfy many activities. From concerts and nightlife, to family friendly events.


Q: How do I submit an event?

A: Click HERE to submit your event!


Q: How do I add events to my Calendar?

A: Select the event you are interested in attending. On the events information page, select the Bookmark options in the upper right hand corner. If you are not already signed in, do so now. When you select the Bookmark icon, it will automatically add this event and date to your device’s calendar, and give you the options to edit it on your device.


Q: What makes an event “Popular”?

A: “Popular” shows you the most anticipated events near you, as voted by your neighbors.


Q: Where can I find a complete list of all events?

A: “Browse” shows you a complete listing of events near you!


Q: How do I narrow my search to find what I want specifically?

A: Use the “Filter” button. Under “Filter” you can search specific keywords, sort results by time or distance. You can even narrow your results by time, searching for that day, weekend, or month. There is also a “Category Filter” which consist of:

Everything – Music – Dance – Fairs & Festivals – Sports & Outdoors – Arts & Crafts – Community – Performing Arts – Visual Arts – Food & Dining – Comedy – Business & Tech – Education/ Campus – Shopping – Other


Q: How can I switch between Map and List view?

A: On the upper right corner of your search tab you can select “List” which will switch you back to the list view of events; or while on the List view, you can select “Map” in order to view the events on the map.


Q: How do I find the exact location of an event, in relation to me?

A: Use the “Map” option, located on the upper right corner of your search bar. This shows you where all the listed events are located in your area. You can even get directions to each event location. Do so by:

1. Select the event you want to attend on the map, it will redirect you to the events information page.

2. Underneath the description of the event it will list the location, (example: The Mountain Winery) select said event location.

3. It will take you to a map specifically for your current location to the events. Here you can easily select “Get Directions”, and now you’re on your way!


Q: Why do I need to sign up via Facebook? What will this mean for me?

A: This app will not post on your wall without your permission! The reason you sign in via Facebook is because in the future we may:

1. Send you email notifications when an event you like is coming up. (Of course you can totally opt out of those emails)

2. Tell you when one of your Facebook friends is going to the same event as you. (You can turn that feature off too)

3. Show you a list of events your Facebook friends want to go to.

4. Give you the option to share an event on your Facebook Wall. (We’ll never share that event without your permission)


Q: How do I become a featured event?

A: Featured events are sponsored events in your area. If you’re interested in being a sponsored event contact us at contact@eventsterapp.com


Q: Is this app available for other devices as well?

A: This app is available for the iPhone and iPad, and any cellular devices that have access to the app store.


Q: How can I make contact with Team Eventster?

A: We have many ways you can contact and follow up on what is new with Eventster! Through Facebook, Twitter and Email:

Facebook: @EventsterApp

Twitter: @EvensterApp

Email: contact@eventsterapp.com

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