Never be bored again!

Think of Eventster as a Flixster or Pandora for events.

Eventster helps you discover nightlife, concerts, festivals, sports, theater, and so much more.

If you’re interested in going to an event, vote it up. Tell the world what’s hot and what’s not!


* Browse popular events near you, as voted on by the crowd
* Up-voting an event automatically bookmarks it in the app
* You can also save events to your iCalendar
* Filter events by keyword, location, date, and category
* The biggest database of events, capturing 600,000 live events

You can find anything from sporting events to craft sales, big concerts to local community events. Eventster delivers crowd-sourced results in real-time, ultimately helping you see which upcoming events are the most anticipated.

Eventster’s predictive engine will suggest new events, based on your voting preferences.

This is the perfect summer app for discovering everything your world has to offer. Become slightly more interesting and be forever entertained!

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About The Team


Ed Lucero
Ed Lucero co-founded the digital marketing agency AGENDA in 1998, which eventually grew to more than 300 employees working in Hong Kong, Beijing, Taipei and Kuala Lumpur. AGENDA was sold to the WPP Group in 2008. Ed has a master’s degree in Computer Science from NYU and a master’s degree in Architecture from Columbia University.


Luke Stangel
Luke Stangel has an extensive background in journalism, new media, marketing and communications. He spent three years in charge of marketing at a consumer electronics startup that earned $20 million in revenue in 2002. He later spent seven years as a newspaper and radio journalist in Silicon Valley.


Steven Woo was one of the principal developers at Blizzard, in charge of the bestselling Diablo II title. He later co-founded his own game company, Hyboreal Games.


Mike Doan is a video game industry veteran and worked on the Guitar Hero series and at Activision. He manages pixels for Eventster.


Jonathan Stypula was employee number 3 at OnNet USA Inc., an online F2P PC game portal. He helped raise a community of gamers numbering in the millions starting from zero. He graduated from SJSU with a degree in Business Marketing and Technical Communications.


Eri Izawa has more than a decade of professional experience in game mechanics, going back to Asheron’s Call. She has since worked on other MMOs and online games, such as the Roman-themed MMORPG Gods and Heroes, and for seven years ran a webcomic focused on the goofiness within MMORPGs. She is an alumni of MIT with a degree in physics.


Francis Chin has more than 15 years of experience with client- and server-side code. He has co-authored a guidebook on HTML that was published by McGraw-Hill. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from NYU and a JD from Brooklyn Law School.


Ben Eakins is a professional game designer and has degrees in art. He’s a master of all manner of facts, figures, data; he troubleshoots from the hip (fastest draw in the West), and he cooks up a mean gazpacho. Whatever that is.