7 Items Every Car Owner Should Have In Their Garage

A garage serves more than a place to park for every car owner who cares to have a well-maintained car. Even those who know their way around an engine fairly well can find themselves facing needed repairs at one point, and the only thing that could make it hard is not having the right items in the garage. There are a few essential things that you should have that is not only handy when emergencies arise, but allows you to keep your car looking nice and neat inside and out. At any given time, your prized car will be ready to roll out of the house and be the envy of neighbors!


Important Tools

Power and Hand Tools

Though there are a myriad of power tools available today, every garage should have a cordless drill and rotary tools for polishing your car, and helping you in various household tasks. Basic hand tools like a torque wrench and vise grips must be present for not requiring electricity and yet lets you get simple to tedious tasks done.

Battery Care

A trickle charger keeps the battery charged when not in regular use, which is mostly true during wintertime. It would be a great idea to have a battery jump box when it goes dead, and better put it in your trunk if space allows instead of staying within reach in the garage.

Storage Chest

Car owner or not, everyone knows how frustrating it is to search for something that has managed to remain completely hidden! Depending on how much backup tools you have, you may need a huge tool box which can be a bit costly, but proves to be a worthy investment not only in itself but for all tools you have acquired.

Care and Maintenance

garage tools

Car Wash Soap

Regular maintenance means giving your car a good wash, which is best done at home. You know your car best and being the owner, will exhibit utmost care on every corner and detail of it that produces its distinct shine as your pride and joy! The right kind and the best car wash soap enhances the beauty of your car paint and can render it in a state like it just came from the showroom to your delight.

Car Air Fresheners

Imagine running out at the most inconvenient times, like when heading out for an important meeting, job interview, a romantic date? Car smell can linger and stick on your clothes no matter how fresh you’ve come out of the bath! Have your favorite car air freshener scents around and not only will you love the fragrance of your car, but enjoy all its other great benefits including a calmer mind, better mood, and comfortable car.


car safety kits

First Aid-Kit

One thing you wish you won’t need but painstakingly do! Tinkering here and there can make it inevitable to get wounded or injured with lots of bolts, various stubborn parts, sharp edges, and hot surfaces of a car.

Fire Extinguisher

Another tool people hope they never have to use, but grants peace of mind like no other item in the garage! It’s better to have it sitting around endlessly than not to have one at all, along with all the essential items you may need everyday and in the future.

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