Best Places to Paddle Board in Thailand

Bangtao Beach Phuket

Bangtao Beach Phuket

Bangtao Beach Bucket is the place to visit if you want to shoot some wicked shots. You can also head to a very small beach in a bay which will be tons of fun. If you want to get away from huge crowds and enjoy clean waters, Bangtao Beach Bucket is the place you have to visit. You can also find guides with strong command of the English language. This beach is so beautiful that you’ll be exploring the area on your own in no time. This beach should be included as an important part of your holiday trips. This place is awesome to have fun and exercise at the same time.

You’ll be able rent as many paddle boards as you want. Getting an amazing view of the the coast between Surin and Bang Tao beaches has never been easier. You should also bring your snorkel outfit with you to take a look at the astonishing underwater sights. You’ll also find plenty of shops renting masks. Gliding among the beautiful ocean is possible here and you’ll also love the surroundings. You’ll be also catching some fun waves along the way too. Starting your day on Bangtao beach is a great way to have fun in Pucket. Yoga classes are also available here.

Kata Noi Beach

Kata Noi Beach

Kata Noi Beach is an outstanding place to paddle board. In fact, you can rent a paddle board for the whole day. You will find a lot of paddle boards for rental and the process is very easy to follow. You’ll also rent your paddle board at reasonable prices. You’ll be able to have a very nice walk. In addition, you’ll see tons of long waves. Though bins are scarce, you will be able to have a lot of fun here. Cliffs and hotels surround this outstanding, quiet beach. This secluded, smaller beach will allow you to practice paddle board easily at all times. This upmarket area is exclusive.

You’ll find a lot of bars as well as places to have lunch or dinner. This beach’s nice blue waters will amaze you right away. You should arrive early in the morning to avoid the sunbathers gathering here after noon. Though the weather here is a little bit windy, it isn’t too hot at all. This beach fits the bill for families and couples as it is very quiet. You’ll enjoy tons of big waves, and this will be particularly true between 4 and 6 pm. Some fish might sting you if you stay in the water late in the afternoon. You’ll have tons of fun looking at people cooking in the sun.

Sunrise Beach

Sunrise Beach

You can find a lot of high quality paddle boards in this beach. You’ll will not find any cheap imitation. You will get a lot of value for your money and you’ll not feel disappointed in any way. You’ll find crystal-clear water and tons of corals here. Since this beach is near the town, you’ll find plenty of restaurants as well as places to get a relaxing Thai massage. This sandy beach offers a lot of activities for you to choose from, such as as snorkeling, scuba diving, and of course stand-up paddleboards rentals. The beach also has plenty of places to stay if you want to see the beach a little bit closer.

7 Items Every Car Owner Should Have In Their Garage

A garage serves more than a place to park for every car owner who cares to have a well-maintained car. Even those who know their way around an engine fairly well can find themselves facing needed repairs at one point, and the only thing that could make it hard is not having the right items in the garage. There are a few essential things that you should have that is not only handy when emergencies arise, but allows you to keep your car looking nice and neat inside and out. At any given time, your prized car will be ready to roll out of the house and be the envy of neighbors!


Important Tools

Power and Hand Tools

Though there are a myriad of power tools available today, every garage should have a cordless drill and rotary tools for polishing your car, and helping you in various household tasks. Basic hand tools like a torque wrench and vise grips must be present for not requiring electricity and yet lets you get simple to tedious tasks done.

Battery Care

A trickle charger keeps the battery charged when not in regular use, which is mostly true during wintertime. It would be a great idea to have a battery jump box when it goes dead, and better put it in your trunk if space allows instead of staying within reach in the garage.

Storage Chest

Car owner or not, everyone knows how frustrating it is to search for something that has managed to remain completely hidden! Depending on how much backup tools you have, you may need a huge tool box which can be a bit costly, but proves to be a worthy investment not only in itself but for all tools you have acquired.

Care and Maintenance

garage tools

Car Wash Soap

Regular maintenance means giving your car a good wash, which is best done at home. You know your car best and being the owner, will exhibit utmost care on every corner and detail of it that produces its distinct shine as your pride and joy! The right kind and the best car wash soap enhances the beauty of your car paint and can render it in a state like it just came from the showroom to your delight.

Car Air Fresheners

Imagine running out at the most inconvenient times, like when heading out for an important meeting, job interview, a romantic date? Car smell can linger and stick on your clothes no matter how fresh you’ve come out of the bath! Have your favorite car air freshener scents around and not only will you love the fragrance of your car, but enjoy all its other great benefits including a calmer mind, better mood, and comfortable car.


car safety kits

First Aid-Kit

One thing you wish you won’t need but painstakingly do! Tinkering here and there can make it inevitable to get wounded or injured with lots of bolts, various stubborn parts, sharp edges, and hot surfaces of a car.

Fire Extinguisher

Another tool people hope they never have to use, but grants peace of mind like no other item in the garage! It’s better to have it sitting around endlessly than not to have one at all, along with all the essential items you may need everyday and in the future.

Ever thought how much money gamers make? Well.. A lot!

Most of us grew up with our parents telling us to study hard to become a huge success in whatever our chosen career will be. To attain this, we’ve got to acquire the right college degree prior to reaping the goodness of all those fruitful years. Given today’s modern times and the technological advances, it’s possible to earn big money even while you’re still in school!

The Hype of the Video Game Industry

Gaming careers continue to rise and as more jobs open up, there’s almost one suited for each individual interested in the video game industry. The most popular choices among hundreds include becoming a developer, programmer, designer, animator, and game tester. What if you’re the type of person who’s constantly logged in your computer dauntlessly entering different worlds at various times on almost any day? You may be endlessly racking up gems, points, crystals, coins, xp, medals, or whatever it is you need to grind for to finally get a hold of something so precious to you. Then you might as well get paid for it, and turn your favorite pastime into a lucrative career!

Popular eSports Games, Events, and Astounding Prizes

A good number of teenagers who are into gaming and play really well are regarded highly for their awe-inspiring qualities and achievements. They have gained worldwide recognition and no doubt, are enjoying their lives at such a young age with millions in the palm of their hands! The professionalization of video gaming has opened up a battlefield among skilled gamers where anyone can witness the best players of a certain game compete. A few games that have dominated arenas include:

1. League of Legends – Ranks the most popular in the gaming circuit which may be attributed to its sprawling player base amounting to millions, per day! No wonder the 2014 Wold Championship was the most viewed eSports event during the year.

League of Legends
League of Legends

2. Counter-Strike – This game has been a great hit of the good old days and has managed to be remain the same until today. The original title has warded over $10M in prizes over 500 tournaments, while the sequel Global Offensive has held competitions doiling out more than $4M over 600+ tournaments.

counter-strike: global offensive
counter-strike: global offensive

3. Call of Duty – A game that has brought to life epic battlefield events with its realism and thrilling gameplay, the total prize money amounts to more than $1 million to this date.

call of duty
call of duty

The list goes on with Starcraft 2, FIFA, WoW, and Halo, where the latter has seen two brothers on the top spots in the Halo Pro Circuit. Kyle Elam aka Elamite Warrior has bagged $130,000 from Halo 3 earnings, while his brother Aaron aka Ace exalted over Halo 4 with $202,000. Dota 2 has turned Zhihao Chen aka Hao into Chinese star who has amassed $1.2M in prize money alone! The International 2014 saw 16 of the finest Dota 2 teams in one arena. Professional gaming teams engage in worldwide tournaments with their minds set on emerging victorious and giving it their best shot. Why wouldn’t they, because with the added support of sponsors willing to pay top dollar on top of the cash rewards, eSports is evidently no talk about some small change!

The Road to Becoming a Professional Gamer

Don’t fret if your teenage years have passed you by and are now a full grown-up. You can think big and dream big, and work your way on getting there without ever leaving home! The only things you need to prep yourself up? More play to gain more experience, a professional gaming router, and a good gaming laptop.

This does not mean getting the highest-priced and an overwhelmingly feature-packed portable personal computer, but there are gaming laptops under 1500 dollars that will more than serve the purpose you have for it. You can get the best model at the right price suited for your budget that is comprised of powerful, high-grade parts and are impressively capable of running the latest game titles. Ideally, it should possess a 2.4-3.4GHz processor, a RAM ranging from 8-12GB, a hard drive capacity of 750GB-1TB, a superb graphic card, long-lasting battery, with a 14-17-inch screen with high resolution and HD experience. Not bad at all for a gaming laptop under $1500!

You need a downright reliable router that will give you the security of an uninterrupted internet connection, smoothness and stability, seamless streaming, and blazing fast speed with its excellent performance. With a professional gaming router, the same can be said regardless of how many devices and whichever you or other family members have connected. You are already a winner with optimized gadgets to make use of in your daily tasks, activities, in hacking and slashing, formulating strategies, arcade fun, and all other game adventures!

Is Getting a Pit Bull For Your Family A Good Choice?


dangerous dog

It’s essential for any individual wanting to own a dog as well as current pet owners themselves to understand the nature of the breed they are eyeing out. A lot of getting to know must be done prior to bringing the puppy or dog home and if the pit bull sounds appealing to you, the more you should do your research. It’s something totally serious to get this breed that most insurers would even refuse to provide insurance coverage for this type.

There are a good number of reasons why it’s not advisable to get the pit bull for your family.

This breed has repeatedly made headlines that significantly counts the most compared to other dogs. The Pit Bull is the #1 most aggressive dog breed which is considered the most dangerous, and the mention of the name itself sounds terrifying to many. However, this image is not linked only with controversy and how they are represented by the media, but is evident from statistics of dog attacks including disfiguring injuries and dogs who turned on their owners. Pit bulls reportedly attack children, the elderly, and anyone who crosses their path when provoked, startled, or for some unknown reason.

It may be attributed to the sad truth of these dogs being historically and illegally bred as fighting dogs. They were also used for baiting bulls and bears, basically bred to bite and hold other animals around the face or head. These factors may have formed their rather fierce genes, and many dogs of this breed still exhibit the said traits with their aggressive temperament matched with their brute strength. Pit bulls are slow to mature and it’s best not to let them mingle alone with kids who are likewise far from maturity, or even with other playful pets around the house.

It is also true that pit bulls who have been showered with affection and made to socialize from puppy days ended up just fine, and are revered as sweet and loyal family dogs. There are actually many pit bull owners who swear that their beloved dog would never attack them. Many also attest that they are loving dogs, eager to please people, and are great with kids, with the note that children should be taught the right way to interact and must never be left unsupervised.

Regardless, a family with children should not consider owning a pit bull as the risk continues to present itself. The fact remains that the pit bull is held responsible for the highest human fatalities than any other breed. The price a poor kid has to pay is not worth putting up a fight as to whether owning a pit bull is a good idea or not.

Three tips for enjoying large events with your friends

Large Crowd

In an increasingly connected world, we tend to do more activities with friends who share similar interests. Music and arts festivals, sports, and conferences provide communities these shared experiences. Eventster makes discovering ideal events easier, but the logistics behind attending them with friends can be daunting. For those different social circles, coordinating a group (or multiple groups) can be a tedious and frustrating effort. Here are some strategies to ensure everyone has the best time possible:

1. Tell people where you’re going, not where you’re at.

With so many things going on at large events, time moves too fast to justify waiting for others to catch up. It’s a slim chance that your friends will get your message and can actually find you in time, and you risk missing out the longer you stay. Also, if you leave early, your friends may be stuck there instead. Avoid picking a remote location for a meet up spot–plan to meet where something is happening. If it doesn’t work out, at least you’ll be where you want to be. If everyone still can’t find you, then at least they won’t miss out either.

2. Communicate efficiently.

Large crowds accessing data networks at the same time can overload cell phone towers. Texts may get delayed or might not send at all. With limited to no communication, you have to make each message count. Include, at the very least, your question, current status and location, future plans, and the time the message was sent, all in the same text.

3. Big groups don’t have to do everything together.

Your group is guaranteed to have different preferences for what each individual wants to do. If everyone follows the majority, then everyone will have an average time at best. The few people who make personal sacrifices may live with regret and resentment. Given all the effort and money spent to make this event possible, you want to make sure get the best value for your investment. Big groups are also hard to relocate since they can only move as fast as the slowest person. Plan your ideal itinerary before the event and share it with your friends. Agree on a couple points where everyone can meet, like meals or the grand finale, then partner with those who have overlapping interests. Everyone will have a chance to do more and will have a better time overall.

These events are stressful in nature, but that shouldn’t distract you from the reason why you’re there: to have fun. Understand that you can’t meet everybody, you can’t do everything, and you might not have a perfect experience. The important thing is to make the most of your time and appreciate the people whom you are already with. You’ll learn a lot about your friends, and you might realize something about yourself!